Table of Contents

Welcome to my website. This is where I keep the essays I’ve written. They’re listed in descending order of when they were written and posted, –i.e., #1 is the most recent essay.

  1. “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”
  2. Thoughts on the Women’s March From Under My Pink Pussy Hat
  3. When Truth No Longer Matters
  4. Musings on Race and Ethnicity in the Age of Trump
  5. Well, This is Certainly Eye-Opening!
  6. Footloose and Fact-Free
  7. Thoughts on a Broken Air Conditioner — and Our Politics
  8. Ruminations on Honesty From “Honest El”
  9. Is It The Internet That’s Making Us This Way?
  10. Figuring Out Retirement
  11. The 2016 Presidential Election is Making Me Crazy, and We’re Still Only in the Primary Season
  12. The Trauma Exposure Response of a Climate Justice Activist
  13. The Holidays Through My Eyes and In My Heart
  14. When Should We Believe Scientists?
  15. Hesitations of a Would-Be White Ally
  16. Are Political Climate Change Deniers Committing a Crime Against Humanity?
  17. Don’t Change Anything
  18. Why Do Good Politicians Do Bad Things?
  19. Musings of a Mom
  20. Facts, “Facts,” and Who Cares?
  21. Travel As a Self-Revelatory Experience
  22. Why I’m Not a Conservative
  23. How to Be Happy in the Age of Climate Change (Updated)
  24. Decluttering the Attic; Assessing a Life
  25. Our Backyard: Where Disney Meets Reality
  26. The Reluctant Activist
  27. What Have We Become?
  28. Simple Pleasures
  29. On Aging (Like a Fine Wine)
  30. Capitalists of the Biosphere
  31. Glowing Words
  32. The “Magic” Bullet
  33. Letting Go of the Outrage
  34. Communicating in the Twenty-First Century
  35. “Change is Possible”
  36. The Message and the Messaging
  37. Seeking the Truth: The Political Road Less Traveled
  38. How to Be Happy in the Age of Climate Change
  39. Legacies
  40. Trying to Explain My Crazy Country
  41. Mickey
  42. “Creating” Reality
  43. The Limits to  Capitalism
  44. On Fundamentalism
  45. On Worrying
  46. Waking Up From the Fever Dream
  47. Trivial Pursuits
  48. My Polyface Chickens
  49. My Curly Hair as a Metaphor for Life
  50. 25 Random Things About Me (A Facebook Note)
  51. Morality, Evolution, and the Human Family
  52. Religion: A Useful Fiction?
  53. A Good Storyline
  54. Photo Face
  55. Choosing to be Culturally Illiterate
  56. The Good Life
  57. The Art of Conversation

2 comments on “Table of Contents

  1. Just bookmarked the site! Looking forward to browsing…

  2. J Berry says:

    Go Ellen, GO!
    I’ll be reading

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